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The Temple of Jerusalem,   an article from the Catholic Encyclopedia
The Temple of Jerusalem,   an article from the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
Timeline of Jerusalem,   a history
The Great Wealth of the Temple of Jerusalem,   link to an article by Lambert Dolphin
The Dinur Center For Research In Jewish History,   link to the pages of this center of the Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem
Islam and Jerusalem,   link to a site called The Noble Sanctuary Online Guide
Islam and The Farthest Mosque,   link to a site about the Temple Mount being 'the Farthest Mosque'
The Jerusalem Archaeological Park,   link to an official site on Jerusalem's history and archaeology
The Temple Mount of Jerusalem,   link to a very extensive site by Lambert Dolphin
The Location of the Temple,   link to Lambert Dolphin's page on the main theories
Archeological Views of the Temple,   link to site called Holy Land Photos, selection: Jerusalem
Jerusalem in 19th Century Art,   link to James E. Lancaster's site containing many old Jerusalem prints

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