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This source is a contemporary cuneiform record written on a hexagonal cylinder known as the TAYLOR CYLINDER (PRISM) of the British Museum, different from, but similiar to, the SENNACHERIB PRISM of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. The cuneiform text and translation below come from, HISTORY OF SENNACHERIB TRANSLATED FROM THE CUNEI­FORM INSCRIPTIONS, by George Smith, edited by A. H. Sayce, 1878, and have been thus arranged by A. vander Nat.

    Taylor Cylinder, Column III, lines 11 — 41    

. . . . [11] I fixed upon him.   And Hezekiah
[12] of Judah who did not submit to
my yoke, [13] 46 of his strong cities, fortresses,
and small cities [14] which were round them, which
were without number, [15] (with the marching of a host
and surrounding of a multitude, [16] attack of ranks, force
of battering rams, mining, and missiles) [17] I besieged, I captured.
200,150 people, small and great, male and female, [18] horses,
mules, asses, camels, oxen,
[19] and sheep, which were without number, from the midst
of them I brought out and [20] as spoil I counted.   Him
[Hezekiah] like a caged bird within Jerusalem
[21] his royal city I had made, towers round him
[22] I raised, (and the exit of the great gate of his
city I turned, and [23] he was conquered).   His cities which
I spoiled from the midst of his country [24] I detached,
to Metinti king of Ashod,
[25] Pedi King of Ekron, and
Zilibel [26] king of Gaza, I gave, and I

reduced his country.   [27] Beside the former taxes
their continual gift [28] the tribute  (due to
my dominion) I added and [29] fixed upon
them.   He Hezekiah [30] fear of
the might   of my dominion overwhelmed
him, and [31] the Urbi and his good soldiers,
[32] whom to (be preserved)
Jerusalem   [33] he had caused to enter,
and (they inclined to submission) [34] with 30 talents
of gold, 800 talents of silver, (precious [35] carbuncles
daggassi, great .... stones, [36] couches
of ivory, elevated thrones of ivory, skins of buffaloes
[37] horns of buffaloes, isdan), izku, everything a great
treasure, and [38] his daughters, the eunuchs
of his place,male musicians[39]and female musicians,to the midst
of Nineveh the city of my dominion [40] after me
he sent, and to give tribute
[41] (and make submission), he sent his messenger.  . . . .

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